1. Why do I have to pay for a design?

As stated above the design cost will be minimal with the ultimate goal of installing your final plan. If you select us to install your project the design fee will be subtracted from the construction cost (you will ultimately be getting a free plan). If you decide on another contractor to install your project your design fee will cover the cost of the printed and digital plans, renderings and details that you will receive as well as the the time, talent and research carried out by one of our skilled designers.

The Professional Service Provided will Include:

  • The development of a design program to meet your specific wants and needs and general design requirements.
  • An environmental and physical analysis relative to the project scope including all important measurements and feature that are not included on the owner provided survey (if available).
  • Schematic designs and/or renderings to show alternative design approaches with respect to the existing site conditions and design program.
  • A preliminary budget and an outline of specifications.
  • Three conferences with you, contractors, etc., to review the design and prepare for implementation of the program and constructions.
  • Final working drawings, written specifications, planting details and construction details following approval of the preliminary design.
  • One set of plans and specifications for your reference and one set for the contractors use. Additional copies will be billed at cost of reproduction.

2. Why is it important to tell the designer what my budget is?

Most people think that even if they have a budget they are not going to tell the designer or contractor because they will just charge that amount for the project despite the size and/or scope. This assumption is just not true, our designers price out each project based upon material cost, specific element size (i.e. patio square footage, wall height and length, etc.) and the man hours it takes to construct each element. If both a clear budget and design program is given the designer will be able to help you assess the reality of your budget verses your project scope. If your budget is to low the designer may suggest a change in material, product or element size in order to meet your budget but still meet your design program and ultimate goal.