Full Service Landscape Designers Can Do It All

Take the complication out of building a comfortable, inviting outdoor space. Modern landscape design is a creative, specialized art form that integrates the best of organic and  inorganic elements. Getting it right requires that a full service landscape design firm has the resources and skills to provide a comprehensive plan and an easy one-stop shop, from conception to execution. Modern families don’t just sit in the backyard anymore. We relax in meticulously conceived outdoor rooms that rival our indoor spaces in style and function. We are soothed by stunning and serene water features.
We are treated to colorful vistas of artistically arranged flowers and greenery. We enjoy that view from fully outfitted outdoor kitchens and steaming, tension reducing hot tubs. Hanging out outside can and should be a five star experience.
If your outdoor enjoyment was been short a few stars this past summer, now is the time to consider reassessing and redesigning your landscape. Take advantage of off season flexible scheduling and you will be ready to roll out the green carpet when it’s warm enough for the first barbecue next season. Call your landscape professional now and not only will you beat the spring rush, but you’ll have a new and improved front row seat for Mother Nature’s fall drama.
When looking for a landscape design firm, be sure to ask the right questions. Does the firm take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies? Will you see a computer rendering of the project before any construction begins? Does it have the staff and tools to offer both the perfect planting options and the proper hardscaping, from retaining walls and walkways, to pool decks and patios? Whether you want concrete pavers, brick, flagstone or natural stone, a professional can create a space you and your family will enjoy for seasons to come. When selecting the best landscaping company, you will want to look for professionals with a solid work ethic who are properly trained. From proper plant placement to reliable outdoor structures, getting it right the first time will save time, money and stress later. Request references and review portfolios of past work. Discuss budget restrictions as well as projected work schedules.
B. DeMichele Landscaping is a full service landscaping company that takes the time to get to know both you and your property. B. DeMichele Landscaping can take care of all of your outdoor landscaping needs. Starting with conceptual drawings, they can guide you through your project from beginning to end. As a family owned and operated business, the staff at B. DeMichele values the relationships built with customers and treats each project as if it were their own. By scheduling your project now, you’ll ensure it is ready for next season. Book your project today. For a free consultation call 610-361-7832 or check out their website at DeMicheleInc.com.