You see it in so many of your neighbors homes, the walkway that is coming up after a winter of harsh weather, the garden wall that chips, the plants that despite your best efforts have wilted and faded. You might think that it is inevitable: weather and time will have their way, and your once-gorgeous backyard oasis or stunning curb appeal will inevitably need replacement or repair. It is not inevitable. In fact, you can enjoy a landscape that stands the test of time. The secret is so simple. It is all in the way the materials are originally installed.
Proper installation is key. Working with the curvature of the land and its unique properties, a professional landscaping company will help you select the correct materials and do all of the painstaking preparation needed to ensure that your home environment reflects its beauty, and its functionality for a lifetime. This applies to the full gamut of design elements, including greenery, stylish stonework and hardscaping and the latest in water features.
From meandering waterways to customized pools, the possibilities are endless. Isn’t it nice to know that these elements, with proper installation, will create your statement for decades? Let’s talk about just a few of the many elements you can select.
Today’s pools can be their own piece of paradise, with exciting installations such as a waterfall or even underwater LED lights that can change color to suit the mood of the evening. After an active day, soothe sore muscles in the adjacent spa.
For your dining and entertaining needs, outdoor kitchens or fire pits allow for creative culinary options, and are perfect for taking the bite out of the evening chill, or a lingering appetite. Keep the party going after the sun goes down with automated, weather resistant outdoor lighting.
Be sure that you discuss your goals with your designer, so they clearly understand your expectations, as well as your budget. The right firm will have state-of-the-art software that will generate a 3-D model of your proposed renovations, before any changes occur. This approach will allow you to take a virtual tour of your property, and may even spark new ideas, or necessary changes that need to be made.
To insure proper installation, select a firm that is a member of the EP Henry Authorized Landscaping Contractor program. All EP Henry Authorized contractors are pre-screened professionals whose work is regularly monitored for quality assurance. As another benchmark for quality, look to a firm that is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institution (ICPI). ICPI backed firms have access to a network of information, technology and other tools related to the landscaping industry.
To create your dream landscape, choose the experts at B. DeMichele, Inc. of Media, Pa. They are both EP Henry authorized, and ICPI certified, and are your full-service landscaping and design firm, specializing in all aspects of landscaping, including hardscaping, horticulture, decorative and pool lighting systems, specialty water features, outdoor kitchens, outdoor firreplaces and lawn irrigation. Call 610-361-7832 to schedule a free project consultation. View their in-depth project portfolio at