Put the Finishing Touch on a property with Professional Landscaping

It’s not the size of a property that determines its looks, it’s the quality of the landscaping. With professional landscaping, even the most humble properties can become estate-worthy retreats, and incorporate features like tranquil waterscapes, multi-level decks, entertainment areas, and lush, verdant plantings. These days, if you can dream it, a landscape designer can create it, so get the most out of your property this summer with an innovative new landscape design.

Modern landscaping is less about planting a few bushes, and more about extending the interior of a home outdoors. As a result, landscaping has evolved into a veritable art form that combines hardscaping elements and living accents info fully realized functional spaces. Popular features include modern outdoor rooms, especially functional kitchens and seating areas for outdoor entertainment. More traditional, but no less striking routes range from terraced hills planted with decorative vegetation to rich new mulch beds that highlight the natural contours of a landscape. Homeowners want dynamic, functional properties, and today’s landscaping experts know provide them.
The success of a landscaping project, whatever the scale, depends on the skill of the design and build team a homeowner selects. Keep in mind that while many firms call themselves “design build contractors,” it takes a set of impressive credentials to actually support that claim. In particular, screen a prospective contractors for a portfolio of prior projects, a history of customer satisfaction, and certifications like status as a member of the exclusive EP Henry Authorized Landscaping™ Contractor Program. EP Henry’s Authorized Contractors are regularly inspected to ensure their work is of the highest quality.
A quality design and build landscaping firm should also have an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institution (ICPI) certification. Members of ICPI have access to a shared wealth of resources, and are able to augment their customer service with the most current information and techniques available. This includes the use of landscape imaging software that allows a homeowner to visualize a completed landscaping project before work even starts.
After completing their work, a landscaping professionals will help you finalize a design by helping with the selection of complementing decorative elements. Finishing touches like statues, columns, or boulders to add a unique flair to a completed design. After that, all that’s left to do is enjoy the new landscape.
For your landscape, trust B. DeMichele, Inc. of Media PA. ICPI certified and a member of the EP Henry Authorized Landscaping™ Contractor Program, B. DeMichele Inc. has the experience and talent to transform any landscape into a work of art. Working within a client’s lifestyle as well as their budget, B. DeMichele is one of the few full service residential landscape contractors capable of complete design and build contracting work. For more information, please contact Blasé DeMichele at 610 361-7832 or visit www.DeMicheleinc.com for more information.