What you need to know before you hire a landscape designer:

  • Research the internet for local and professional companies/firms.
  • Find and call a company until you have found one that you believe can fulfill all of your design/construction needs.
  • Be observant of your families’, friends’, and neighbors’ properties and if something catches your eye just simply ask them who did their work, this comes across as a compliment too.
  • Visit sites such as Houzz, Home and Gardens, Distinctive Living, Constant Contact, Angies List, outdoor living magazines and other similar forms of media to discover local companies that have previously done similar work that you would like done.
  • Create a Linkedin account, by doing this multiple companies, firms, and individual designers will become more available and allow you to better choose the right fit for your project.
  • Contact different nurseries, quarries, and other construction type businesses such as E.P. Henry, Unilock, or Techo-bloc to see if they can recommend a landscape designer or company with superior craftsmanship whom works with the client throughout the entire process.
  • Review the portfolios on the websites of different companies and firms until you have found some previous projects that interest you.