Today’s outdoor spaces are about functionality and usability. Below is a list of six landscape design trends:

  1. Indoor Spaces Become Outdoor Rooms

The new extension of the home brings all elements from indoors out. Features include couches and chaises made with fade-resistant and waterproof fabrics, flat screen TV’s, carpets, lamps, chandeliers and fans. Other popular outdoor structures include pergolas, gazebos, kitchens complete with sinks, cooking surfaces and refrigerators as well as pizza ovens and fireplaces. Just about any piece of indoor furniture has an outdoor counterpart making a residential landscape feel more like an indoor room.

  1. Quality and Sustainability

Due to our post-recession economy, homeowners are straying away from large expansive lawns and showy landscapes; and moving towards low-maintenance gardens with site and drought tolerant plants. Homeowners are also opting to invest in the use of natural materials that will last longer; as opposed to man-made materials. People would like their landscapes to outlive them for their offspring to enjoy; this can be achieved through the use of quality materials, craftsmanship and sustainable plantings.

  1. Edible Landscapes

Some homeowners are transforming portions of their properties into fruit, vegetable and herb gardens. Edible landscapes are functional, useful, aesthetically pleasing and colorful. Distinctive edges and borders of raised garden plots can also provide order and interest to the space.

  1. Vintage / Rustic Chic

Rustic chic and vintage items such as mason jars, old picture frames, bird cages, shutters and seed boxes are trending right now. Yard sales and thrift stores can be great and affordable sources to find some added extra style for your landscape. Items like old crates, water jugs and coffee cans make for unique planting containers and / or sculptures within your garden.

  1. Nature Play

Plastic pools, sandboxes and swing sets are now items of the past. Playing off-of the idea of a sustainable landscape; home owners are opting for more natural and long-lasting play areas. Exploratory spaces are now being created for young family members such as dry creek-beds and mini forests with hidden huts. These spaces should be full of natural materials that children can interact with such as stepping stones, sticks and tree logs.

  1. Flowing Water

The sound of running water can turn any backyard into an oasis of respite and calmness. Water features can range from inexpensive self-contained systems, to portable fountains and large scale ponds with waterfalls and boulders. The sky is the limit when it comes to water features in your landscape.