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Fireplace Construction Services in Downingtown, PA

Downingtown, PA Fireplace Construction Services

Looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor living spaces? DeMichele Inc. designs and builds custom outdoor fireplaces in Downingtown, PA. These fire features are a great addition to decks, patios, and other hardscape surfaces. With stone and stucco accents, our fireplaces offer an authentic, natural appearance that works perfectly with any landscape or hardscape backdrop. We personalize each fireplace design to suit your specific needs. Ranging from 4’ to 12’ tall, our fireplaces can be seamlessly integrated into any outdoor space, regardless of size or layout. Contact us today to request a quote on a custom fireplace installation in Downingtown, PA.


Downingtown, PA Fire Pit Installations

Fire Pit Installations in Downingtown, PA

In addition to fireplaces, we also install fire pits in Downingtown, PA. Our premium fire pit designs provide an aesthetic focal point for your patio while offering radiant warmth and ambiance on cool nights. These features typically range from 3’ to 6’ wide and can be customized to meet your desired appearance and functionality. Downingtown clients can choose between wood-burning, gas, or propane fire pits. While wood-burning fire pits offer an interactive, cozy experience, many clients prefer the quick setup and cleanup of a gas fire ring. We can fill your gas fire pit with lava rock, silica sand, glass beads, or ceramic logs for optimal flame distribution. Get in touch with DeMichele Inc. to begin discussing a fire pit design in Downingtown, PA.


Downingtown, PA Outdoor Fire Features

Custom Fire Features in Downingtown, PA

While fireplaces and fire pits are the most popular, our company offers a wide range of other custom fire features in Downingtown, PA. DeMichele Inc. is known for our fire channels. These features run fire out 6’ to 12’ in a straight line. The unique, modern appearance of our fire channels is a great conversation piece for residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Our fire pots are essentially smaller fire pits that can be placed on columns, walls, or other areas around your patio. These add a unique flare to accent pieces, enhancing the overall visual appeal and ambiance of your landscape. With our custom tiki torches in Downingtown, PA, we offer a unique twist on this classic fire feature. We construct these torches as permanent fixtures, using gaslines, copper heads, and safety valves for year-round enjoyment. No matter your vision, our specialists can help you create the perfect fire feature for your landscape. Call now to get started!

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