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West Chester, PA Custom Fireplace Installations

Custom Fireplaces in West Chester, PA

At DeMichele Inc, in West Chester, PA, we specialize in all different types of fireplaces. For truly custom projects, our clients often prefer the installation of gas or propane lines for the ease of on/off control of their fire features. Safety valves ensure that only adults can manually activate these fire features, adding a layer of security when it's time for entertainment. Custom accents like stone, Travertine, or boulders can enhance any fireplace, creating a personalized touch. In addition we also offer automated fire pits and features. These high-end options allow you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire at the touch of a button, controlled remotely for ultimate convenience. For an even more custom look, we can install fire glass. Its upscale appearance elevates the look of any custom fire installation, adding a sleek, modern edge to your outdoor space. Call DeMichele Inc. in West Chester, PA to explore our range of custom fire features to find the perfect fit for your home.


West Chester, PA Fire Pit Installations

Fire Pit Installation Services in West Chester, PA

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor to install a fire pit in West Chester, PA, Demichele Inc. is the go-to solution. Here at DeMichele Inc., our expert team has installed beautiful fire pits for hundreds of clients. We only use the best materials, and most of our customers opt for high-end custom stone. Our projects look better when they are finished because of the experience and attention to detail that our stone and tile experts add to each project. We do so many fireplaces and fire pits each year that we keep full-time tile setters, flagstone masons and stone experts on each of our projects. Whether you are looking for a place for the kids to roast marshmallows, or to host gatherings with friends, DeMichele has the right fire pit for you! Call us today for a consultation regarding a custom fire pit in West Chester, PA.


Fire Pit Construction in West Chester, PA

West Chester, PA Fire Pit Construction Services

At DeMichele Inc., we know that a well-designed fire pit can transform your backyard into a warm, inviting space perfect for entertaining. Serving West Chester, PA, we specialize in professional fire pit construction that meets your specific needs. Our fire pits can be fueled by either wood or gas, with many customers favoring the convenience of natural gas or propane. Popular choices include gas fire rings filled with lava rock, silica sand, glass beads, or ceramic log sets that mimic the look of a traditional wood fire. We believe in creating spaces where you can comfortably gather with family and friends. Our fire pits are designed to offer both warmth and relaxation, becoming the centerpiece of your outdoor living area. Contact us at DeMichele Inc. in West Chester, PA to see how we can transform your backyard or patio with our fire pit construction!

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