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Our design process begins with a free on-site meeting with one of our expert landscape designers. During this initial meeting our designer will review with you your property and evaluate your objectives, budget, and site conditions. After the initial meeting, a design proposal is developed and we determine if the project will benefit from a drawn landscape plan. If so, a design fee is required for a drawing to cover some of our expenses incurred during the design process, but is kept minimal due to our goal of installing the final plan.

Upon approval of the design proposal our designers will assess the scope of the project. We will then visit your property to obtain site information such as the locations of existing structures, plantings, and other features in order to create a base plan which will serve as the basis of your design. At this point the designer will begin the design process of conceptual drawings and details to creatively meet your landscape requirements. The concepts will show potential planting beds, plantings, hardscape features such as patios and walls as well as any other more detailed items. While reviewing the concepts, we work to combine your preferences in a more detailed plan within your budget. When the plan and preliminary pricing are approved we create a final plan with a proposal for installation.

The final stage of the design process is to produce working drawings. These drawings may include elevations or details which will aid in the construction of design elements such as fire pits, retaining walls, or outdoor kitchens. From these drawings your outdoor space can be constructed in an accurate and professional manor as envisioned by you and your designer.


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