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A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting system can be one of the best investments on your entire landscape design project.


A beautiful backyard landscape without an outdoor lighting system is like a pool without water! Our landscape lighting systems are professionally designed and installed to our strict design standards and guidelines. We use top quality lighting fixtures, most carry a 10-year warranty. These low-voltage lighting fixtures, along with proper design and installation result in a outdoor low voltage system that lasts for years!
These days, backyard landscape lighting design is actually a science. Lighting systems are laid out, and professionally designed just like the wiring inside your home. Our outdoor lighting systems are virtually designed with the same guidelines. We start with a high-quality outdoor lighting transformer. The power source is a great start and great investment for any professional system. Next, zoning the lights (just like inside your home) is critical. We group light clusters into zones that include anywhere from 3 to 6 lights, and run an individual wire to each zone. Finally, the lights are installed with waterproof landscape lighting wire splices, that protect the electrical connections from dirt and water (which results in corrosion and loss of conductivity). The result is a system that will last a lifetime, just like all of our landscape outdoor lighting systems.



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