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15 Mar 2017

Caring for Flower Gardens

Anyone can care for a thriving flower garden; although it does take some time and effort. Below are some tips to keep your flower garden happy and healthy.

  1. The Three Necessities: Water, Sunlight and Fertile Soil

Your flower garden must have an adequate supply of water, sunlight, and fertile soil. Any lack of these basic necessities will affect your garden’s health. In terms of watering and sunlight; the best thing to do is follow the plant tag suggestions. During hot and dry cycles it’s okay to water more frequently; but too much water can cause your flowers to rot. It’s best to water at the base of each plant as overhead watering can encourage the spread of diseases. It’s a good thing to add organic matter and fertilizer to your garden yearly; as your flowers as well as earthworms and microbes feed on added organic matter causing reserves to be low for the following year.

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01 Mar 2017

10 Gardening Tips

  1. Create Planting Beds with Ease

To create a new planting bed, slice the lawn area with a spade and flip it upside down. Next, cover the area with about 3 inches of wood chips. After a few weeks the bed will be ready for planting.

  1. Keep the Dirt and Soil Outside

To prevent soil from being tracked inside keep plastic shopping bags by your door. So, if you have to go inside you can cover your muddy gardening boots / shoes with them. Also, to prevent soil from getting underneath your fingernails scrape them across a bar of soap before heading to the garden. The soap will provide a seal. Once you are finished in the garden, use a nail brush to remove the soap.

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03 Feb 2017

Landscape Design Trends

Today’s outdoor spaces are about functionality and usability. Below is a list of six landscape design trends:

  1. Indoor Spaces Become Outdoor Rooms

The new extension of the home brings all elements from indoors out. Features include couches and chaises made with fade-resistant and waterproof fabrics, flat screen TV’s, carpets, lamps, chandeliers and fans. Other popular outdoor structures include pergolas, gazebos, kitchens complete with sinks, cooking surfaces and refrigerators as well as pizza ovens and fireplaces. Just about any piece of indoor furniture has an outdoor counterpart making a residential landscape feel more like an indoor room.

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22 Jan 2017

Planning Your Backyard

The most important factor for the planning of any backyard landscape is the homeowner’s vision for the space. Other important natural factors include the climate, topography, existing vegetation, views, soils and wind. We always like to work with the existing site conditions to enhance them and build upon them; rather than change a site’s eco-system completely. For instance; if a homeowner has a very undulating backyard we’d suggest creating terraces or different patio levels; as opposed to making a completely flat surface. Another important element to focus upon is the end user.

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10 Jan 2017

13 Questions to Ask Your Landscape Designer

  1. What type of plants can I use with a large deer population?

There is a big plant palette that can be utilized when dealing with a deer populated area. It all depends on what you’re looking for. There are forms of perennials that come in different colors and sizes that produce flowers throughout all of the seasons. It really just depends on what colors and styles you desire. The same goes for shrubs and trees, both evergreen and deciduous. As landscape designers it’s our job to design a plan while also being conscious of deer.

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16 Dec 2016

Bring Your New Landscape Ideas to Life For the New Year

The art of landscape design is much more than just updating one aspect of your landscape at a time. It is a total and seamless blending of color, style, and functionality all working in harmony to create a truly unique and inspired outdoor experience. Now is the perfect time to take those ideas you came up with in the winter months, and turn them into a reality.
With the help of today’s landscape professionals, you can create your own stunning outdoor experience. The right professional will bring your landscape to life with creative combinations of flowerbeds, water features, and beautiful stone or concrete patios and walkways running through.
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15 Jul 2016
Water Features

Refresh your Outdoor Living Space this Fall

IT WILL NOT be long until the leaves turn shades of auburn and chestnut. The fall is the perfect time of the year to transform your plain, green lawn into a livable outdoor space. Today’s design-build firms are capable of installing everything from a gorgeous new flowerbed to a custom, outdoor kitchen and living room.
There is a lot more to landscaping than putting in a few extra plants. Elite landscape designers have an extensive design process. The process begins with an on-site consultation. During this meeting a designer will evaluate your wants and needs, budget and current property conditions.
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15 Jun 2016

If You Can Dream It, They Can Build It

Today’s Landscape Architects are Creating Experiences

Landscape and architecture. Each stands alone as an individual concept, but combined they create a unique dream that encompasses every aspect of exterior design. Today’s landscape architects are building, planting, and sculpting outdoor environments that include the gamut of both the organic and inorganic; from greenery and flowers to artistic and soothing water features to the stunning and timeless hardscaping that acts as a framework to the entire scene. Sip cocktails while nestled comfortably within your lush poolscape or sit inside the house and enjoy the magnificent view; it’s all about how you wish to experience the outdoors.
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15 May 2016

Perfect your Property with Professional Landscaping

When it comes to exterior design, today’s landscape architects have mastered it all. From new plants and flowers to soothing water features, timeless hardscaping, and more, these experts are building, planting, and sculpting outdoor environments like never before. Whether you want to sip cocktails along side a cool and relaxing poolscape or just enjoy a magnificent view from inside your home, they’ll help you craft your ideal outdoor experience.
To get the perfect landscape, you’ll need to selecting the ideal landscape architect.
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16 Mar 2016
Fun backyard

Create a Stunning & Fun Backyard Design

When landscaping fits perfectly in an exterior design scheme, the final product is a true artistic expression of color, style and beauty all perfectly blended together. Today’s professional landscapers can masterfully combine organic and inorganic elements to sculpt a stunning outdoor experience. Flowerbeds, water features, patios and walkways can all complement one another if the right designer builds your landscape. Entertain guests late into the night with proper outdoor lighting. New trends like outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens will make entertaining at home fun. Play with your kids in the pool or wind down in a hot spa.
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