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Our History

picture of a retaining wall that is sturdy with a good foundation - DeMichele Inc Media, PA B. DeMichele Inc. has been owned and operated by Blase DeMichele since 1994, providing superior workmanship and excellent customer service in PA, NJ, and DE. B. DeMichele Inc. is a full-service residential and commercial company specializing in innovative designs and installations of hardscaping, landscaping, nightscaping, irrigation, water gardens, and all phases of concrete work. Our business is built on quality workmanship; all our employees are properly trained mastering cutting-edge trends and techniques, making us a leader in the industry. We are a dedicated, single-location firm with a strong work ethic, taking pride in every aspect of our daily operations. This commitment allows us to deliver unmatched results, bringing to life the exact vision you have in mind, tailored to your needs and style.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."
-- William A. Foster

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Success in Landscape Design, Installation, & Maintenance

picture of a retaining wall with a fire pit, nightime lighting or nightscaping, with new hardscaping pavers - brand new backyard patio - DeMichele Inc Media, PA Our successful company is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Hardscaping
  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Concrete
  • Maintenance

picture of a backyard patio with new hardscaping pavers and new patio furniture  - DeMichele Inc Media, PA These four divisions mutually support each other. Such diversification gives us the ability to work as a team, completing both simple and complex projects effectively while maintaining the finest professional service. B. DeMichele Inc. impeccable and functional design and installation will add not only beauty but value to your home. Once we've completed an installation, you can use your new space immediately without any concerns. No stone was left unturned.

What you need to know before you hire a landscape designer:

  • Research the internet for local and professional companies or firms.
  • Find and call a company until you have found one that you believe can fulfill all of your design and construction needs.
  • Be observant of your families’, friends’, and neighbors’ properties and if something catches your eye just simply ask them who did their work, this comes across as a compliment too.
  • Visit sites such as Houzz, Home and Gardens, Distinctive Living, Constant Contact, Angie's List, outdoor living magazines, and other similar forms of media to find local companies that have previously undertaken similar work you would like to see done.
  • Create a LinkedIn account, by doing this multiple companies, firms, and individual designers will become more available and allow you to better choose the right fit for your project.
  • Contact different nurseries, quarries, and other construction-type businesses such as E.P. Henry, Unilock, or Techo-bloc to see if they can recommend a landscape designer or company with superior craftsmanship who works with the client throughout the entire process.
  • Review the portfolios on the websites of different companies and firms until you have found some previous projects that interest you.

We welcome the opportunity to design and install an exceptional outdoor living environment for you.

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Our Testimonials

Michael Bernardi
Jan 23, 2024

I first employed Blase and his team nearly 14 years ago to build a patio for me. Since then, they have undertaken an additional 4 or 5 projects including an outdoor fireplace and kitchen, additional patios, various landscaping projects and necessary maintenance. At every turn, they have delivered quality work and value for money and I will continue to use them for all outdoor projects in the future. Simply put, they are the best!

carl meyer
Jan 17, 2024

Easily the best decision I ever made! Was recommended DeMichele by a friend for a large patio project - side wall had built in bench seating, dome wood burning pizza oven and granite slab prep area. Everything came out fantastic and envied by neighbors. Used them again for raised bed planters area, another great job. I've referred others and they've had great experiences. DeMichele is by far the best!

Liza Seltzer
Jan 17, 2024

Very happy to recommend DeMichele Inc! We used them for multiple landscaping projects and one lighting project. Most importantly, we were happy with the work they did for us; but the process of refining scope and budget were handled very professionally. They really listened to what we wanted and made sure the final proposal reflected those priorities. Plus, they are such nice folks and a joy to work with!

Jim Straughn
Jan 17, 2024

I enjoyed working with DeMichele. They were efficient and conscientious with my light replacement project. The gentlemen who performed the light upgrade kept me informed each step of the way. They educated me on all aspects of the project. I learned a lot about a business I was unfamiliar with as a homeowner. After the project was finished, Blase the owner, stopped by to make sure everything was working correctly.

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Quality Landscape Professionals

picture of hardscape backyard - DeMichele Inc Media, PA It’s not the size of a property that determines its looks, it’s the quality of the landscaping. With professional landscaping, even the most humble properties can become estate-worthy retreats, and incorporate features like tranquil waterscapes, multi-level decks, entertainment areas, and lush, verdant plantings. These days, if you can dream it, a landscape designer can create it, so get the most out of your property this summer with an innovative new landscape design.

Modern landscaping is less about planting a few bushes, and more about extending the interior of a home outdoors. As a result, landscaping has evolved into a veritable art form that combines hardscaping elements and living accents into fully realized functional spaces. Popular features include modern outdoor rooms, especially functional kitchens and seating areas for outdoor entertainment. More traditional, but no less striking routes range from terraced hills planted with decorative vegetation to rich new mulch beds that highlight the natural contours of a landscape. Homeowners want dynamic, functional properties, and today’s landscaping experts know how to provide them.

The success of a landscaping project, whatever the scale, depends on the skill of the design and building team a homeowner selects. Keep in mind that while many firms call themselves “design-build contractors,” it takes a set of impressive credentials to actually support that claim. In particular, screen prospective contractors for a portfolio of prior projects, a history of customer satisfaction, and certifications like status as a member of the exclusive EP Henry Authorized Landscaping™ Contractor Program. EP Henry’s Authorized Contractors are regularly inspected to ensure their work is of the highest quality.

picture of hardscape backyard - DeMichele Inc Media, PA A quality design and build landscaping firm should also have an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institution (ICPI) certification. Members of ICPI have access to a shared wealth of resources and are able to augment their customer service with the most current information and techniques available. This includes the use of landscape imaging software that allows a homeowner to visualize a completed landscaping project before work even starts.

After completing their work, a landscaping professional will help you finalize a design by helping with the selection of complementing decorative elements. Finishing touches like statues, columns, or boulders add a unique flair to a completed design. After that, all that’s left to do is enjoy the new landscape.

For your landscape needs, trust B. DeMichele, Inc. of Media, PA. ICPI certified and a member of the EP Henry Authorized Landscaping™ Contractor Program, B. DeMichele Inc. has the experience and talent to transform any landscape into a work of art. Working within a client’s lifestyle as well as their budget, B. DeMichele is one of the few full-service residential landscape contractors capable of complete design and build contracting work. For more information, please contact Blasé DeMichele using the button below for more information.

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