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Hire a Landscape Designer in Exton, PA

If you want to transform your backyard in Exton, PA into a stunning outdoor space, contact DeMichele Inc. today! We are the perfect choice for your next outdoor project.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

Exton, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc Our outdoor kitchens and bars are perfect for any outdoor gathering or event you plan on hosting in your backyard in Exton, PA! Couple our custom-designed kitchens and bars with the best outdoor sound systems, lighting and TV installations in the industry and your outdoor living space is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

An important thing to consider during the design process of your outdoor kitchen is lighting. Without adequate lighting, your outdoor kitchen is useless after dark! DeMichele Inc. will work with you to come up with a functional outdoor kitchen design that also incorporates adequate lighting for safety as well as ambiance.

Backyard & Outdoor TVs, Lighting, and Sound Systems

Does your backyard need an entertainment upgrade? Consider enhancing your outdoor space with DeMichele Inc.'s outdoor TVs. The best place to mount your new outdoor TV is on an existing wall. That could be on a deck, fence or patio. DeMichele Inc. makes sure to also install your new TV using only outdoor TV mounts designed to withstand the elements.

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Use of Hardscape in Landscape Design

Exton, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc DeMichele Inc.'s specialty is the use of hardscaping in our landscape designs. By incorporating elements such as patios, fireplaces, and water features, we are able to create outdoor spaces that are not only functional but also visually stunning. Our attention to detail and ability to customize each design to fit your needs sets us apart from other landscape designers in Exton, PA.

Patio and Paver Landscape Design

The most common paver patio shapes are square, rectangular and round. Freeform-shaped patios are also common. Several factors influence the shape of your new patio such as the available space, existing landscape features and the intended use of your new patio. DeMichele Inc. can design the ideal patio shape for your needs.

Backyard Fireplaces and Fire Pits

The standard type of fire pit that DeMichele Inc. builds for homeowners in Exton, PA is the raised wall fire pit. It features elevated boundaries, or walls, usually built out of pavers or stone, which contain the fire inside. These fire pits can be built in different shapes such as round, square, rectangular or even freeform.

Backyard Oasis with Water Features

Stone fountains are a timeless water feature that provides an interesting focal point and auditory experience. The sound of the water flowing from stone fountains is soothing to the senses. DeMichele has many years of experience in building stone fountains. We will handle everything from the excavation to the plumbing, to ensure that your new stone fountain completes your backyard oasis.

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Additional Landscape Design Services

Exton, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc DeMichele Inc. isn’t just a landscaping and hardscaping contractor. We provide additional home services for customers in Exton, PA such as stormwater management and artificial turf installations. Our team is highly trained and experienced in stormwater management. Our artificial turf installations are also perfect for homeowners who are looking to save time and money on lawn care.

Stormwater Management & Pits

Typically, when it rains in a natural environment, the rainwater is absorbed by the ground. Unfortunately, in areas where the ground is predominantly artificial, the rainwater has nowhere to go, which leads to flooding. Collecting this excess stormwater, known as runoff, goes a long way in protecting your home and yard from unnecessary flooding. If you are having issues with flooding and runoff on your property, DeMichele Inc. can help!

Artificial turf

Artificial turf can be used in many different areas! It’s a great low-maintenance option for homeowners in Exton, PA who just don’t want to be bothered with real grass. Here are some areas where artificial turf works great:

  • Children’s play areas
  • Pool surrounds
  • Backyard putting greens
  • Outdoor entertaining spaces
  • As a landscaping accent

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Great family-owned business that does beautiful garden designs, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, etc. Polite hard-working crew comes back every day till the job is done, before going on to the next customer. Blase, Brita, Elizabeth, and all the guys are a real pleasure to deal with. ~ Fred Stluka
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Thank you so much to Blase and B.DeMichele for making our back yard transformation dreams come true. Our back yard is absolutely amazing! So many compliments on how fantastic our back yard looks! Your company and team are top notch. Great communication throughout our landscape took our vision and made it even better than we imagined. We are thrilled with the results. I wholeheartedly recommend this company. ~ Elizabeth Magner

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Are you looking to hire a landscape designer in Exton, PA? DeMichele Inc has the tools and team you need to create a stunning outdoor space. Get your free landscape quote today.