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Hire a Landscape Designer in Frazer, PA

If you want to transform your backyard in Frazer, PA into a stunning outdoor space, contact DeMichele Inc. today! We are the perfect choice for your next outdoor project.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

Frazer, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc At DeMichele Inc., we understand the importance of creating a well-designed and functional outdoor living space for customers in Frazer, PA. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen, bar, TV, lighting, and sound system to elevate your outdoor living experience. Our team of experts can help bring your vision to life!

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

DeMichele Inc. will customize your outdoor kitchen layout to the space you have available. We also take utilities such as gas, electricity and water into consideration while designing your kitchen and will work with you to distinguish different zones for food prep, cooking, refrigeration and a sink.

Backyard & Outdoor TVs, Lighting, and Sound Systems

Rather than go instead to watch TV, why not install an outdoor TV? DeMichele Inc. knows and carries all of the major manufacturers to help you navigate which outdoor TV would be best for you. All of our outdoor TVs are weatherproof and have brighter screens to contend with sunlight. We also install all outdoor TVs only with weatherproof cables and outdoor mounts.

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Use of Hardscape in Landscape Design

Frazer, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc DeMichele Inc.. is a renowned landscaping company in Frazer, PA that has gained a reputation for our innovative use of hardscaping in landscape design. By incorporating features such as patios, pavers, fireplaces, and water features, we have transformed countless outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional areas.

Patio and Paver Landscape Design

Pavers are usually associated with patios, but can also be used for walkways as well! You can even coordinate your patio and walkways to have the same pavers for a cohesive look. Paver walkways offer a durable solution for navigating your outdoor spaces. Using interlocking pavers for walkways gives our customers a lot of flexibility when it comes to patterns and designs. From wandering garden trails to straightforward paths, our paver pathways are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your yard.

Backyard Fireplaces and Fire Pits

If your home in Frazer, PA has a more modern aesthetic and you’re interested in installing a custom fire pit, then an in-ground fire pit would be your best bet! These fire pits are set directly into the ground, with the flames at ground level. They are ideal for contemporary settings and are definitely a focal point for social gatherings.

Backyard Oasis with Water Features

Having a waterfall in your backyard truly makes it feel like a retreat in your own backyard. At DeMichele Inc. we craft our custom-created waterfalls from stone or concrete and make these cascading water features look as natural as possible. We will meticulously design your waterfall and ensure proper water flow to create a stunning outdoor experience.

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Additional Landscape Design Services

Frazer, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc In addition to our traditional landscaping and hardscaping services, we also offer other specialized services such as stormwater management and artificial turf installation. Our team can assess your backyard and determine the best stormwater solution for your needs. Or if you’re a homeowner looking for a low-maintenance lawn option, we can help you choose the best artificial turf.

Stormwater Management & Pits

One of the main benefits of having DeMichele Inc. install a concrete stormwater pit on your property is that these pits provide you with superior drainage efficiency. They quickly collect rainwater, which reduces the risk of flooding and potential damage to your home. stormwater pits can also hold onto stormwater for a long period of time and slowly release it over time.

Artificial turf

When most people think of artificial turf they typically envision athletic fields. Can artificial turf really work for a residence too? The answer is yes! Artificial turf obviously got its start on athletic fields, but with the advances in technology, newer products were developed with homeowners in mind. Homeowners choose artificial turf for a variety of reasons, such as its consistent appearance, hassle-free maintenance and water savings.

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Great family-owned business that does beautiful garden designs, patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, etc. Polite hard-working crew comes back every day till the job is done, before going on to the next customer. Blase, Brita, Elizabeth, and all the guys are a real pleasure to deal with. ~ Fred Stluka
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Definitely a 5 star!! Blase went above and beyond! I could not have been more pleased with their work. They arrived when they said they would and the work was completed in a timely manner. After my backyard design and installation was completed all I could say is WOW! My backyard looks amazing and adds so much outdoor living space for our family to enjoy and spend time together. Blase and his workers did a fantastic job. I highly recommend B.DeMichele and will certainly use them again on my next project. ~ Heather D

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Are you looking to hire a landscape designer in Frazer, PA? DeMichele Inc has the tools and team you need to create a stunning outdoor space. Get your free landscape quote today.