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Hire a Landscape Designer in Glen Mills, PA

If you want to transform your backyard in Glen Mills, PA into a stunning outdoor space, contact DeMichele Inc. today! We are the perfect choice for your next outdoor project.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

Glen Mills, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc At DeMichele Inc, we are truly passionate about creating outdoor living spaces that our clients in Glen Mills, PA can truly enjoy and be proud of. Let us help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen and bar, complete with outdoor lighting, audio and even an outdoor TV. Contact us today to start designing your dream outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

All outdoor kitchen and bar projects at DeMichele Inc. begin with an initial consultation. We will help you create the best possible outdoor layout with the space that you have available. Larger patios may accommodate expansive L-shaped designs with bars for frequent entertaining. Smaller spaces can opt for simplicity but still make great use of the space you have available.

Backyard & Outdoor TVs, Lighting, and Sound Systems

Weather resistance is critical when it comes to outdoor sound systems. At DeMichele Inc. all of our outdoor sound systems are designed with materials meant to withstand heat, rain and temperature fluctuations. All of our custom-installed systems deliver quality sound despite whatever weather conditions Mother Nature chooses to send our way.

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Use of Hardscape in Landscape Design

Glen Mills, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements of your backyard. This includes patios, paver walkways, water features, fireplaces and firepits just to name a few. DeMichele Inc. specializes in integrating these types of features with landscaping, meaning shrubs, flowers and plants. We have the skill to blend these two design elements together to create compelling landscape designs for customers in Glen Mills, PA.

Patio and Paver Landscape Design

Pavers offer numerous advantages, such as durability, aesthetics and versatility. Their solid construction also provides stability and resistance to harsh elements and heavy foot traffic. Installing pavers is a straightforward process and if damage ever occurs to one paver or even a few, repairs are simple because pavers are easily replaced. DeMichele Inc. is the leading hardscaping contractor in Glen Mills, PA and we are experts when it comes to working with pavers for all sorts of applications.

Backyard Fireplaces and Fire Pits

There are many options when it comes to having a custom outdoor fireplace built. One of the obvious ones is size. DeMichele Inc. can build small, medium and large fireplaces. Our designers are well-versed in the construction process and can determine the appropriate size for the firebox, throat and chimney height. This is important because if these details are not taken into account, our customers will have issues with improper drafting.

Backyard Oasis with Water Features

You don’t need to have a huge backyard to include a water feature! In fact, our custom-designed water features don’t take up much space at all. This allows customers in Glen Mills, PA with a smaller yard to also enjoy the benefits of having a water feature. Oftentimes, the best place to include a water feature is the area of your yard that is unused. Installing a water feature in these areas of your yard now turns these bare areas into unique focal points.

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Additional Landscape Design Services

Glen Mills, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc At DeMichele Inc, we take great pride in providing comprehensive landscape design services that go beyond the basics. Our stormwater management and artificial turf installation services are just a few examples of how we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Stormwater Management & Pits

There are three main drainage issues that DeMichele Inc. comes across time and time again:

  • Improper Site Grading: this leads to wet basements, rotting wood and poorly drained soil
  • Stormwater Problems: this leads to overflowing gutters, soil erosion, flooding basements and first floors of homes
  • Standing Water Problems: when areas of your property take too long to dry out after heavy rainfall.

Artificial turf

One concern that often arises with artificial turf is whether weeds will still be able to grow through the artificial turf. While it is true that weeds can still grow through artificial turf, it is much less likely compared to natural grass. This is because DeMichele Inc. installs artificial turf on a base of compacted gravel or sand, which makes it difficult for weeds to take root and grow. In addition, many types of artificial turf have a weed barrier layer built into the backing, further preventing weeds from growing through.

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Thank you so much to Blase and B.DeMichele for making our back yard transformation dreams come true. Our back yard is absolutely amazing! So many compliments on how fantastic our back yard looks! Your company and team are top notch. Great communication throughout our landscape took our vision and made it even better than we imagined. We are thrilled with the results. I wholeheartedly recommend this company. ~ Elizabeth Magner
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Blase, Jill, Brita and all the guys are a pleasure to work with. Our backyard patio and outdoor kitchen is now a great space to hang out, especially during the summer. We will be contacting them to do more work. ~ Karen Myers

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