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Hire a Landscape Designer in Paoli, PA

If you want to transform your backyard in Paoli, PA into a stunning outdoor space, contact DeMichele Inc. today! We are the perfect choice for your next outdoor project.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

Paoli, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc At DeMichele Inc, we understand the importance of having a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space. Our designers work along with you to come up with an original, fully-customized outdoor design that will surely exceed your expectations. One of the most popular features of outdoor living spaces is an outdoor kitchen and bar. Lots of customers like to take it a step further and install outdoor lighting, audio and even outdoor TVs. We offer all of these services to customers in Paoli, PA and surrounding communities.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

DeMichele Inc specializes in designing and installing outdoor kitchens and bars. There are many things to consider when designing such a space, such as material selections and layout. With DeMichele Inc. you have many options when it comes to the flooring material for your new outdoor kitchen and bar area. Outdoor flooring ideally should provide a balance between durability and aesthetics. You can choose from natural stone or slate which are great for weather resistance. Concrete pavers are also a popular choice due to their classic look and durability. We can help you choose the right flooring material for your outdoor kitchen. Call today and schedule your consultation!

Backyard & Outdoor TVs, Lighting, and Sound Systems

DeMichele Inc has a trained team of professional outdoor lighting installers that can create compelling lighting effects to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Uplighting is a popular technique that we use to create dimension. Uplighting illuminates different features of your property, such as architectural elements or trees, from below. This lighting technique adds drama and visual interest, enhancing your curb appeal and giving your home a sophisticated look at night.

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Use of Hardscape in Landscape Design

Paoli, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc DeMichele Inc. is an expert when it comes to integrating hardscaping and landscaping in our designs. This creates a combination of structural elements and natural beauty. Our artful approach coordinates features such as paver walkways and patios with plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. If your home’s landscape in Paoli, PA is in need of a refresh, DeMichele Inc. is the place to call!

Patio and Paver Landscape Design

DeMichele Inc carries pavers in a wide variety of materials. Concrete pavers are a cost-effective and versatile material to use for outdoor spaces such as patios, walkways and retaining walls. They mimic natural stone and brick but are molded from concrete to provide our customers with durability and strength. They also come in a variety of colors and textures, so you are sure to find something that suits your design preferences. DeMichele Inc. carries a wide variety of concrete pavers to choose from.

Backyard Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplaces and firepits are a common feature in many backyards in Paoli, PA. These features can be customized according to their use and what they use for fuel. The master masons at DeMichele Inc. can custom-design your outdoor fireplace to burn either wood or natural gas. Natural gas fireplaces are a clean-burning alternative. They are very user-friendly because of their instant ignition, adjustable flames and minimal maintenance. Like our wood-burning fireplaces, the design options are endless.

Backyard Oasis with Water Features

One of the main benefits of installing a water feature is that you’ll be inviting more wildlife to your property! You’ll have the opportunity to see more birds, butterflies and a host of other visitors. By installing a water feature, you’re not just beautifying your property, you’re also providing a natural water source for other living creatures. Contact us today to learn more about all of the exciting water features we can include in your landscaping and hardscaping design.

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Additional Landscape Design Services

Paoli, PA Patio & Paver Contractor - DeMichele Inc DeMichele goes far beyond just traditional landscaping and hardscaping! We are a leading expert in stormwater management solutions. We also offer artificial turf installation, which provides a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscaping alternative to real grass.

Stormwater Management & Pits

DeMichele Inc. specializes in installing stormwater pits for homeowners in Paoli, PA. We always recommend regular maintenance of your custom-installed stormwater pits. Obstructions and debris will prevent your stormwater pit from doing its job effectively, so it’s important to keep the area clear. You should also regularly inspect your stormwater pit for wear and tear and contact DeMichele Inc. if you notice anything unusual.

Artificial turf

The cost of real grass versus artificial turf over time depends on various factors! While artificial turf incurs higher upfront installation costs, it requires less maintenance, no water, and no ongoing expenses like fertilizers or pesticides. Over several years, artificial turf may prove cost-effective due to lower maintenance expenses compared to real grass. If you’re interested in installing this low-maintenance material in your yard, please contact DeMichele Inc. for more information!

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Excellent craftsmanship and professionalism. Our patio and walkway look gorgeous! ~ Amy Curci
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I want to thank you for your professionalism in taking care of our concern. I feel that we were taken care of above and beyond what we expected. Thanks again I will promise you referrals of our friends and family. ~ Tom H. (Media, PA)

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